The Flaming Lips sings new country songs

22 Oct

Livewire: You guys have done so for what, like 23 years from now?

Michael: Yeah, something like  new country songs that. This is 25

Livewire: Is there a kind of big blow-out quarter of a century in the program?

Michael: Well, we have ten or fifteen. I think it is right that, hey, still a lot to do here, what we like.

Livewire: Do you know when you started that still do 25 years later?

Michael: I think we were kidding when we started, like “Hey, what are you doing for the next 20 years” I think we always felt that way, we wanted to do, no matter what. Well, I in particular, Wayne, and Steven. And Steven was the band as 15 years.

Livewire: What was Steven first album with new country songs the band? Zaireeka was that?

Michael: No, it was actually on the transmission [from the Satellite Heart]. But that was when it was mostly just the drummer.

Livewire: And somehow he then moved in electronics and things …

Michael: Yes, and plays guitar and piano. Especially when Ronald [Jones] left the band. It was a kind of vacuum in this period. We briefly thought about  new country songs taking another guitarist, but I think we were really happy with the excuse of not having this type of rings on the verge of being a grunge band. We somehow we are part of this movement. I think it’s really just luck that we did. There were things happening in the field, especially with Warner Brothers, had a lot of reshuffling going on with people at the top of society. I do not run only by a band, people had to look at and say that we needed to meet the quota for the year. I think we were really able to stay under … we should call it “hidden under the desk,” and we managed to get away with stuff like this Zaireeka. We had no idea that “do not use Jelly” would have been so top country songs successful. I mean, it was a great success …

Livewire: Well, the modern rock charts and new country songs Billboard.

Michael: It ‘was great, but it was not big enough to make us into trouble. In hindsight, when you’re young and hand someone $ one million people were injured. And now that you’re older you say that youth is wasted on the young, but sometimes you do not know what is with what you do with gifts. Do not get me wrong, some people actually are, but we did not know if that would survive unscathed. But somehow put this  new country songs thing where we had met and we thought we had an audience. We had a couple of years working for “Jelly”, where to find it. When I look back now, we have more on tour. But at its worst, we thought, “Can a voice!” We thought we were going to this new audience that we had to use, and rely on the record. It was found that the public thought we had “You do not use Jelly” was just an audience. We were still around pretty good and stuff, but that’s right, when Ronald sufficient for any reason. So we have the end of  new country songs ’96 beginning of ’97 were blocked in progress: “Well, what do we do?” But I think almost immediately that the whole idea of ​​the car park has started to experiment, and that moves to the boom-box experiment, which was basically Zaireeka. And of course we have been able to do under the umbrella of the Bulletin Zaireeka Soft.tun.

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