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The Flaming Lips and Top Country Songs

Wayne Coyne was barely in his twenties, the night had a gun in my face and said that he was dying.

Three men – angry and mad at the world – broke into the fast-food snacks, where the future Flaming Lips front man spent 11 years of fishing, flipping burgers and fries throw in the kitchen.

Each was armed with a rifle. Nobody was interested in Top Country Songs the restaurant treat the special meal.

In a period of only a few moments, who lived with him since, the young Wayne was forced to lie on the floor, while a manager of agitation was told to open the safe or the band would have opened fire indiscriminately. “I thought, ‘My God, this is really how to die”, “Wayne later.” Only a minute that you can cook up to someone you order fries and the next minute they are put on the floor and hit your brain, and there is no music, no way, it just happens. “Wayne Coyne, of course, do not die that night on Top Country Songs the floor of Long John Silver. Fortunately for him. Fortunately for us.

– – – Top Country Songs
Can I be a frog – The Flaming Lips

For nearly 30 years later, The Flaming Lips – is a band that matters, a band that has new country songs touched the lives, the lives, the lives saved – Coyne, through the formation of the Michael Irvin bassist, drummer and multi-instrumentalist Steven Scurlock Kilph drodze connected.

Constantly confuse the line between the sublime and the ridiculous (the soundtrack SpongeBob SquarePants, anyone?) Have decreased more than three decades, the semi-legendary psychedelic whacked 1999 (only for “Waitin ‘For A Superman” to hear ) Freaks in almost mythical, visionary and more experimental pop perfection. So I met in there a road named after them in their hometown of Oklahoma City, who worshiped regularly said to be the greatest act live on the planet, and so loved the world that were several journalists, have labeled the best American band alive .

Particularly impressive, even if on the eve of the British version of ’embryonic’, the great twelfth Lips’ album studio album, they have this position, without ever compromising.

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